HELL, An Eternity Without the Acceptance of Jesus

Written by Kevin Riordan

A few years ago while doing street ministry I encountered a group of kids skateboarding. They we between the ages 16-20. I began to talk to them about Jesus and they were making fun of me.

I told them that this was the most important information you will ever hear. I explained that the conversation we were having would have incredible significance one million years from now. That if they never put their faith in Christ, they would go to hell.

I then began to describe what it would look like. I shared with them that hell would not be a big party, where all their friends would be, but it would be unspeakable torment. I painted a pretty clear picture from scripture. I shared about the blackness of hell, the foul smells of hell, the dryness of hell, demonic torment in hell, the ear piercing wailing in hell, how their is no sleep in hell, and the lake of fire. I explained how you will have an eternal body that will never die, that completely feels all of the pain and torment. I explained how in hell you have your memory. For all eternity you’ll remember every time someone came to you with the message of the gospel, appealing to you to follow Jesus. For all eternity you’ll remember laughing and scoffing, and rejecting the gift of salvation that Jesus died to give you. Lastly I talked about the hopelessness in hell as you are faced with the fact that you will be in that place for ALL eternity.

Most of the kids continued to laugh and joke, but there was one kid who was locked on everything I was saying. When I finished he pulled me to the side and asked if he could talk to me.

He began to tell me that he overdosed on heroin and died a year earlier. He told me that he was in the place I had described. He remembered coming out of his body and falling down a tunnel and landing in a pit. He said “I saw everything you described.” He told me about the the darkness, the smells, the horrible shrieks of pain and agony. He described the lake of fire that people were being thrown into, and the grotesque demons he saw. He told me that he looked up and saw a pinprick of light. He was suddenly sucked up to that light and back in his body. He told me that he didn’t know where he was, but that he was terrified of going back. I reiterated the gospel and he Committed his life to Jesus.

Hell is real. It is not only for bad people. There is a misconception that if you are a “good person”, a generous person, you’ll go to heaven. The reality is that hell is full of people who were really good by the worlds standards, but sadly rejected Jesus. Heaven has plenty of people who were not so good by the worlds standard, but placed their faith in Jesus, received forgiveness and were born again.

If you reject Jesus, you reject His heaven. The bottom line is this, one way or another, payment for sin will be made. Either a person will receive Christ and His blood shed on the cross will pay for your sin, or you will reject Christ, and pay for your own sin in hell.

It is not Gods will that anyone go to Hell. God did everything He could possibly do to keep you out of that place by sending His son Jesus to die for your sin. Give your life to Christ. Experience healing and freedom in this life, and peace, joy and happiness for all eternity!!

By Kevin Riordan


Founder of Set Free Ministries



Kevin and Amy Riordan

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