Ex-Witch Saved by God’s Grace

Testimony of Shauna Ritchie

I came to Christ November 25th 2012, a day I will never forget, I was born again, praise God! I was 28 years old at that time.

Before I was born again, I had lost hope in God and didn’t believe such a God was real. I had grown up with a mother who was into witchcraft. She was also a alcoholic, and drug user on and off throughout my life. I raised myself for the most part, and I took care of my mother when she couldn’t care for herself. I won’t go into detail about my childhood, I will just say, I had to experience, and see things no child should ever have to. I have also learned that things that happen to us, shape us to be who we are. Due to the things that happened to me in my life, I became very rebellious and got into witchcraft just as my mother did. I went to a few churches when I was young, but never understood any of it, therefore I never learned anything about God.

I soon turned to boys for attention, and then I started smoking marijuana at the tender age of 9 years old, which eventually led to other things.

We became homeless a few times and living here and there and always moving around. It was a lifestyle that has a huge impact on a chid.

As I got older, I got further and further into the occult. My heart and my mind became darker and darker. I also got into crystal meth at a early age as well. Besides using drugs, I also learned to cope by cutting myself.

I was what they call “a cutter”. I was in and out of mental hospitals when I was a child, and also in my early adult years, for trying to commit suicide. I have also been on all the medications you can think of. I also tried to kill my mother when I was 11 years old, because I hated her so much.

I became sexually active at a young age.

I got pregnant at 16, to have my son at 17. Then almost immediately after that, I lost my mom at 18 years old, due to a crystal meth induced stroke. I had a very hard time processing everything that happened, which caused me to block out the greiving process for about 4 years after my mother’s death. I did get my life together for a while, so it seemed, but things just kept happening until my life spiraled out of control again, which led to more and more self hated, and hate for humanity all together. And at that time, I thought, if there was a God, he hated me. It got so bad that I got to a point where I wanted to take me and my children, and drive us off a cliff… Thank God that didn’t happen!!

It was about this time that God sent a messenger which led to my conversion. (continued below, “God sent a messenger”)

I hadn’t realized it, but I was being controlled by the devil.

My spiritual experiences and beliefs:

My mother was Wiccan, and she also believed in native Indian spirituality, and she also had some new age beliefs, (powers of the universe, crystals, etc)

I myself have had spiritual encounters since I was a young child. I felt a connection with the afterlife. I was “sensitive” to the spirit world at a young age. But what I didn’t know or understand is that it was demonic. I had been pulled into the darkness of the spirit world. I had went to psychics and tarot card fortune tellers. I went to a witchcraft store in my high school year as a job opportunity for a small business owner. I then started getting into the books there.

Books about witchcraft, spells, chantings, and Satanism.

I had dreams that I would be out in the forest with many other witches, chanting around the fire. I thought maybe that was a sign that I was supposed to be a witch.

It was in those times I had been cutting myself. I even went as far as stealing an old gravestone and putting it in my room for some odd, dark reason.

I prayed to Satan to help my life. I had even begun having sexual encounters with “Satan”. I began to be tormented as a dark shadow figure would strangle me as I would start to fall asleep..

It was terrifying and I was paralyzed as this figure would strangle me. I would wake up gasping for air.

And that’s when the devil sent the Mormons to my door.. and at that time I just wanted the torment I was experiencing to stop, so I accepted Mormonism and I was “baptized” as a Mormon. Well that didn’t last long but it did for whatever reason, stop the attacks at night. (This was a scheme of the enemy to trick me into thinking that Mormonism brought freedom) But my life never got better and there was never a change “in me”. I was still just an angry bitter woman full of hate. So I got deeper into Satanism and witchcraft.

God sent a messenger:

At that time in my life, a lady started coming over for bible study, a couple times a week for my friend who was staying with me, as she was just released out of jail. The lady would come over and have bible study with her, and as this went on, I started asking her alot of questions. She was the sweetest, most kindest lady I had met in a long time. One day I let her and my friend pray with me as I had never really prayed before.

So as we held hands and she started to pray, something came over me that felt like fire. Something made me get up and walk in the kitchen away from her. My hands felt like they were on fire, and I let out a gut renching scream! I had never felt like that before! I had no idea what had just happened to me, or why I did that! The lady came over to me, and she was speaking in tongues (which at that time, I just thought it was gibberish) and I didn’t like her doing that to me. So after that happened, I was confused. She later explained to me about the devil and his demons and at that moment I just knew that satan was indeed real, which meant, if he was real, that meant that the Lord Jesus Christ was also real! After a few more weeks of bible study, and some serious spiritual warfare I got baptized and received major deleverence at the same time.

I had many demons. I have had to get more then one deliverance session and lots of prayer and repenting, but God filled me with his Holy Spirit and my life has never been the same as before! I was bitter, filled with hate, lost in sin, and I was headed to hell.. and then JESUS saved my life; as I sit here and write my testimony I cry, because i’m so thankful for his grace and mercy! I could NEVER go back to my old ways, because now I have a heart of flesh and not stone, and I have his word hidden in my heart. I love the Lord Jesus and because of his love, I have life and not death!

Ezekiel 36:26-28 KJV

[26] A new heart also will I give you, and a new spirit will I put within you: and I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh, and I will give you an heart of flesh. [27] And I will put my spirit within you, and cause you to walk in my statutes, and ye shall keep my judgments, and do them. [28] And ye shall dwell in the land that I gave to your fathers; and ye shall be my people, and I will be your God.

I feel led to share my baptisim video to show how powerful it was, and is, to be born again and the power of the Lord Jesus Christ. JESUS IS LORD AMEN!

My baptism video, click here>>> www.facebook.com/shauna.christensen1/videos/10204916594888459/

I’m so thankful that sweet church lady started coming over for bible study with my friend who just got outta jail who was staying with me. At first I hated the church lady, but it was the very power of God that I needed to feel and realize the devil is in fact real.. and so is God. So I choose God and was baptized and been with him ever sense. AMEN.

John 3:16 KJV For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Testimony By Shauna Ritchie

Shauna Ritchie

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God bless everyone that reads this, I pray that it may help others make the decision to leave the occult, and accept the Lord Jesus Christ as their savior!

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