I am a former “paranormal investigator”, now Born again Christian, seeking to help others with the truth of Jesus, while exposing the works of the enemy and his deceptions.

Todays society have come to a place where good is called evil, and evil is called  good. And if you speak out against wickedness and proclaim Gods truth, you are accused of hate speech, and not demonstrating love. While sometimes the truth is not popular, and for the most part, rejected, that is all the more reason it needs to be proclaimed and preached. So, out of my love for others, and a heavy burden the Lord has given me for the lost, I will proclaim truth, and stand against wickedness.

I come from a background In the occult, as I am the former founder of “Dead Time Paranormal Investigations”. In 2011 I left the occult, and was delivered and radically saved by Jesus Christ.

My ministry is aimed at helping others that are in the occult, by shedding light on the darkness of the enemy and his schemes, and by sharing God’s truth!