I was so honored that the “Good News Evangelistic Newspaper” featured my testimony in the October edition of their newspaper, wrote by Editor Ian White!

Dana Emanuel reveals the truth about so-called “ghosts” in the October Edition of the “Good News Evangelistic Newspaper” in the UK.

The Good News Evangelistic Newspaper is a contemporary outreach newspaper, used by churches and missions to take the good news of Jesus Christ into communities across the UK.



Ghost hunting reality series have become popular TV shows, despite accusations of fakery.

But Dana Emanuel knows the truth behind ghost hunting. A highly successful paranormal investigator across Florida for 15 years, Dana has lifted the lid on her experiences.

Whilst TV and movies will once again focus on ghost stories this Halloween, Good News conducts its own investigation into why she abandoned her passionate work, almost a decade ago…

Deemed an authority on the supernatural, Dana let her own Ghostbusters-style team but had nagging doubts about the ‘spirits’ and after terrifying attacks on her family she turned her back on her activities.

Paranormal interests

Dana admit she’s been interested in the paranormal – ghost stories. scary movies, UFOs, the lot – as far back as she can remember. And although she had gone to church for most of her life, Christianity was very much on the back burner: “My involvement in the occult shows I wasn’t actually a Jesus follower.”

As a young adult Dana moved in with her grandmother, where she “personally witnessed the sounds of footsteps walking up and down the hallway… and my grandmothers music box would start playing on its own.”

Then: “I had an experience that would truly convinced me that the paranormal/supernatural was indeed real, and that there really is a ‘spirit world’.”

Awoken by noises from the kitchen on several occasions, “I would get a very eerie feeling”, sensing a “dark presence”.

Then Dana saw a kitchen chair move away from the table and

slide across the floor, all by itself! “I jumped up and ran out of the door!”

Her husband Hugh reassured her that the harmless spirit haunting the home was most likely that of her grandfather “watching over” her dear grandma.

Fascinated, Dana now read everything she could find on “earthbound spirits” and even visited graveyards to hunt for ghosts.

On the first night “We actually got a very compelling photo of what appeared to be a full bodied apparition”, and the voice they heard convinced her it was indeed the “earthbound spirit” of a man in a nearby grave.

She loved the thrill of the hunt, “The more evidence I collected from investigations, the more I became obsessed with the paranormal.” Dana joined paranormal community websites, eventually starting her own research group. “We would investigate peoples homes and public places that claim to have paranormal activity.”

Yet deep down Dana still wondered if these hauntings were in fact demons, masquerading as the departed spirits of our loved ones. But Dana carried on, telling herself that she was helping others.


But after seeing the so-called spirit of a sweet innocent little girl throw a man into a wall with great force, she began to realize her fears were well-founded. She also received a disturbing call from her husband Hugh back home, telling her a basketball head rolled around the house on its own, through different rooms, stopping in the same spot it started from.

Yet her obsession only became worse as she spoke at conventions, showing footage is of the man being hurled into a wall. She even spoke of the dangers of paranormal research, advocating ‘ghost hunting safety.’ But audiences didn’t know of the doubts in Dana’s own mind.

“It had not come to my full knowledge yet that all these spirits lie about their true identity. We already knew sometimes these demonic spirits would mimic a dead loved one, so why was it so hard to except this may always be the case?”

Even has Dana prayed for truth, read the Bible, and watched videos of former occultist, Hugh was tormented by a “woman” in a dream and even suffered physical attacks.

The last straw was when her four-year-old grandson was left “terrified and confused” on seeing an apparition (monster), she and Hugh visited a church.


On hearing the minister say she had to stop her occult activities, she instantly knew this to be true. “I made the decision to repent and truly turn to Jesus and live for him. From that moment on, my eyes were truly opened, and I could see all the deception.”

“After our deliverance from this evil, all paranormal activity and attacks stopped.”

Dana reflects: “Before then, I didn’t have a true relationship with Jesus. I knew of him, but did not know him. But now I’ve learned to put all my faith in Jesus.”

She not only reads the Bible, but she applies it to her life.

“I have a huge burden for and pray with precious people who’ve also made the decision to leave the occult and a life of sin, and to turn to Jesus.”

Dana has shared her story on radio shows and podcasts, and at churches. She’s prayed for a many caught in the web of deception in the occult in new age.

The 53-year-old has also launched a podcast with fellow Ex-occultist Laura Maxwell, who was featured in Good News two years ago.

-The Good News Newspaper

Laura and Dana’s new Radio show is “Spirituality Today, Laura Maxwell and Dana Emanuel Investigate”


Dana’s Blog:

https://spiritual realities.org

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Dana’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ExposingtheEnemy

Dana Emanuel

Ex-Spiritualist Laura Maxwell was honored that her testimony was featured on the front page of UK’s Good News Newspaper, in the 2018 Halloween edition. HALLELUJAH!!!

Halloween Article by Ex Spiritualist Laura Maxwell – UK’s Good News Newspaper


Laura’s website: https://our spiritual quest.com

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Laura Maxwell


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